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  • 10 personal training sessions
  • Unlimited classes
  • Physio screeining
  • Body Composition testing
  • Nutrition support
  • Atmosphere (scroll down for all the details!)
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10 PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS Our workouts get real results. Instead of being lost in the gym, every session is led by a coach and there's a clear programme they will guide you through. Workouts will help you to build muscle and drop fat without spending hours in the gym doing boring stuff that gets you nowhere. Under the watchful eye of our industry leading coaches, everything you do is effective, safe and done for a reason.

UNLIMITED CLASSES Our classes complement your PT sessions. Led by an expert coach, they will ensure you burn fat & get fit fast! We will keep the intensity high, but always work at your levels, to push your limits, not anybody else's!

PHYSIO SCREENING Our experienced physiotherapists will assess you to pick up on anything that could hinder your fitness journey. There will be no injury speed bumps, and we'll work around and fix the aches and pains you may have had in the past.

BODY COMPOSITION We use state of the art body composition analysis software to help you achieve clear measurable goals. We will scan you on day 1 and when you finish your trial so you will SEE your progress.

NUTRITION You'll receive expert nutrition guidance and access to our 360 Nutrition Bible so there's no more confusion around food. You will learn how to balance things out so that your beers with the boys and client dinners in the evening from the office don't stop you reaching your fitness goals!

ATMOSPHERE Train amongst other busy London professionals who have goals like yours. Work within a community of people who want to be their fittest self. but don't worry, we're game for a laugh and some drinks too!